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Who’s Coming to Sac-Con?


Dec 7, 2014 Appearances , , , , , , , , , , , 0 Comments

One of the amazing perks of being an actor & VFX artist, especially if you’re connected with a franchise as popular as Star Wars, is that you get invited to appear as a guest at various sci-fi, comic, and collectibles conventions.  And one of my very favorite conventions, Sac-Con, is coming up on December 14th.

I’ve been a guest at Sac-Con a number of times and it is always a delight.  If you’re in the Sacramento, CA area or can get there without undo hardship, Sac-Con is fun experience.  It’s always popular and well-attended, and yet still retains an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

I’ll be there along with artist & voice actor Rikki Simons (of Invader ZIM fame), legendary comic book artist Mike Grell, and many other incredible guests.  Come on out to the show and say hello!