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Booking Information

If you wish to book Andrew to appear at your next event, or if you have an acting or voice-over project you would like to discuss with him, please send an email with the details to the following address and someone will get back to you soon.


Write to Andrew

Want to send a message to Andrew or ask him a question?  He’s always glad to hear from you.  Andrew personally reads all his email and correspondence, and he makes every effort to respond as quickly as possible.


C. Andrew Nelson
1511M Sycamore Avenue
Suite 170
Hercules, CA 94547


His schedule permitting, Andrew is more than willing to sign personalized autographs.  All such requests need to be accompanied by a self-addressed mailer with sufficient return postage. While you are welcome to submit any memorabilia to be signed, neither C. Andrew Nelson nor the staff of this website accept any responsibility for lost or damaged items.

You may also purchase autographed photos from this website’s online store.  A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation.


Every effort has been made to respect the copyright of the images posted here. However, if anyone feels that their copyright has been infringed, please notify the webmaster (with proof of ownership) and the offending item(s) will be properly credited or removed as soon as possible.

All images and information on this website are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the authors.